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Body lift operation is the removal of sagging skin and fat tissue in the body and stretching of the skin due to excessive weight loss after diet and obesity surgery. The most affected areas are usually the abdomen, chest, arm, and leg. Various combined surgeries can be performed to correct them.

Patients who lose a large amount of weight as a result of long efforts still do not have the body they expect. Unfortunately, obesity surgery or diet alone is not enough for a beautiful body. Even if the weight loss process is complete, the skin is not always a good friend. After massive weight loss, there may be sagging in the body. It may be quite annoying for the patient, it may even overshadow the success of losing weight.

But, cheer up! Thanks to aesthetic surgery, it is possible to get rid of the sagging skin and start a new life with a fit body and a big smile.

Body Lift Surgery

Since the body lift surgery is to remove the sagging tissues and the skin, the person has to find the ideal weight before this procedure. It should be noted that postoperative weight gain or weight loss may impair the aesthetic results provided. Operation time can take 4-6 hours. A detailed check-up is mandatory before the operation.

In body lift surgery, how much of the area will be corrected at the same time depends on each patient. Dr. Etoz will make the final decision after a detailed examination before the operation.


Recovery After Body Lift Surgery

After the body lift operation;

  • In 2 weeks, you will be able to return to your daily activities,
  • In 4 weeks, you can return to work,
  • At the end of the 2nd month, you can return to your exercises program.

After the operation, the patient is advised to adopt a lifestyle that includes healthy and sustainable nutrition and exercise program.


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