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Dr.Etoz applies a mastopexy or so-called breast lifting operation for women with breast sagging. Breast lift surgery is performed for the following purposes:

– Lifting the low-hanging breasts to get a more attractive and dynamic image,

– Reduce the size of areolas, which are darkly pigmented skin around the nipples,

– Correct the appearance of the nipples,

–  Remove excess skin formed after pregnancy or weight loss.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Lift?

Only an experienced and skilled surgeon, such as Dr. Etoz, can determine whether a woman is a suitable candidate for a breast lifting operation.

Breast Lift Operation

The doctor performs the breast lifting operation under general anesthesia. To begin breast lifting, Dr.Etoz makes the necessary incision before removing the excess skin from the breast area. It then reshapes and raises the mound in the breast tissue, resulting in a fuller and aesthetically pleasing look. Also, Dr. Etoz reduces the size of the areola when necessary. After checking the shape and symmetry of the breasts twice, Dr.Etoz throws the sutures and dresses the breasts in a surgical bra.

The Incision

Dr. Etoz applies mastopexy for patients who want to enlarge breasts using one or more of this technique in three incisions: periareolar, vertical incision and infrared. During the preoperative examination, Dr. Etoz evaluates the patient’s unique body type and aesthetic objectives for surgery before suggesting one of these surgical techniques and related incision approaches.


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