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Last updated on 28 Ağustos 2019, Çarşamba by Dr.Etöz Editorial Staff

The gynecomastia operation aims to correct the contour of the male breast and restore it to its former dynamic. Dr. Etoz operates by combining one or both of the liposuction and excision procedures. The surgical technique is selected according to the possibility of skin excess after surgery.

In a male breast reduction operation, an incision is usually made along the perimeter of the lower half of the areola. The length of this incision varies according to the anatomy of the patient.

Before the operation, Dr.Etoz will share with you information about the male breast reduction operation. These pieces of information are:

  • Your detailed operation plan,
  • Expected results after the operation,
  • Possible risks and complications related to the operation,
  • Before and after photos related to the operation,
  • What you need to prepare for the operation,

The Procedure  

The procedure for male breast reduction is different for each patient. In some patients, removal of fat tissue by liposuction is sufficient. However, in some patients, breast tissue and skin excision are required. In this case, a surgical incision is made to the folds of the chest muscles and fat and breast tissue are removed.

Incisions and Scars After Male Breast Reduction  

  • The remaining marks after the male breast reduction operation vary depending on the amount of breast tissue and the elasticity of the skin. Men with larger breasts are more likely to have scars.
  • If your gynecomastia rate is low, your scars will be small. However, if you have female-type breasts, the scars may extend from both sides of the breasts.
  • If the areolas are also large and need to be reduced, the scar may be around the areola.

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