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There’s a myth about male facelift would look fake, but that’s not true. Every day, a lot of men with a facelift pass by us and we do not even notice. If you think that your facelift will make you feminine and give you a bad look, please stop worrying. With the operation of a good surgeon, facelift gives you a young and dynamic appearance without disturbing your masculinity and naturalness.

Excessive fat deposits under the chin can occur in men of all ages and cause unwanted contours or hanging in the neck. This area can be shaped using liposuction to create a softer, more attractive neck and chin line. To remove the fat, a small incision is made under the chin and behind each ear. Using a small cannula, the fat is absorbed. This only works for patients who do not have extra skin.

Can a natural-looking male facelift really be done?

When making an operation plan for a man’s face, the critical point is to ensure that nothing is made to make him feminized or less handsome. Therefore, men do not want to see a trace of a facelift in particular and want to return to work and social life as soon as possible.

Recovery after Male Facelift

– Most patients may experience some discomfort after a male facelift, but this can be alleviated by medication.

– There will be bruises and swelling after the operation, but after a week it will begin to correct.

– Sutures are removed 5 to 10 days after the operation.

– Total recovery time is 2 weeks, but it is recommended to start exercising after 4 weeks.

– It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions. This will accelerate the healing process.

– Drowsiness and muscle stiffness are normal.

– A balanced life and a healthy diet will help maintain the operation results.

– It will be useful to use sunscreen products.


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