Last updated on 22 Ağustos 2019, Perşembe by Dr.Etöz Editorial Staff

Mommy makeover is the process of recovery of the body after the birth and breastfeeding period. Pregnancy can cause fear and anxiety in expectant mothers, as it causes body deformations. Now you can put aside your fears and worries and get your old look, or even better, soon after you hold your child. 

During pregnancy, the skin on the abdomen and breast is stretched. If the breast volume has been lost, breast lifting may be preferred. After pregnancy, tummy tuck operation is also used to remove sagging skin in the abdominal region.   

If the problem is only excess fat and there is no problem with the skin, then liposuction is applied. If there is a problem in the skin, tummy tuck operation is performed.


Is It Safe to Have Multiple Procedures at the Same Time?

Dr. Etoz is aware that mommy makeover patients are not only patients but also mothers. Therefore, the timing of its operations is based on this. Dr. Etoz’s goal is to ensure that the mother heals as soon as possible and reunites with her family. For some patients, it is possible to perform several operations at the same time, but for some patients, the operations should be spread at different times. Dr. Etoz examines each patient in detail before the surgery and sets up the best and safest surgery plan for them.


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