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Before performing the breast lifting operation, Dr. Etoz gives the patient instructions for the recovery. After breast lift:

  • Most patients may return to their daily activities a few days after the operation,
  • Most patients do not have pain after the operation, and if they have it can relieve with painkillers,
  • Most patients do not have bruising,
  • After the operation, the feeling of numbness in the breasts is normal, but this is temporary.
  • Three weeks after the operation, the patient can start to exercise.

Is it possible to breastfeed after breast lift operation?

Breast lifting does not affect breastfeeding. However, if you become pregnant or gain a large amount of weight after the operation, the shape of your breasts may change. The doctor recommends breast lifting at the end of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Will losing weight after breast lift affect results?

Yes. Massive weight gain or weight loss can affect breast flexibility. Weight gain or loss should be balanced after the operation.

Will I have visible scarring?

No major scar remains after the breast lift operation. Dr. Etoz performs the operation with minimal scarring by applying the latest incision techniques. He will also give you a list of instructions for the rapid recovery of the scars after the operation.

Visits After Breast Lift Operation

After breast lift operation, patients should come to the doctor’s clinic for regular check-ups. These visits can be planned as follows:

1st visit: You should visit your doctor 5-7 days after the surgery. All dressings placed by the doctor are removed and replaced. After this visit, the patient is allowed to take a shower.

2nd visit:  The second visit is usually 18-20 days after the operation. Incisions are checked and silicone scar treatment begins. After this visit, the patient can return to the gym. The patient is recommended to wear an underwire bra during the day and a soft supporting bra at night.

3rd visit:  The third visit is 3-4 months after the breast lift.

Also, patients should visit Dr. Etoz annually.



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